Forced Induction

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Boomba Fusion/MKZ 1.6/1.5/2.0/2.7/3.0 Ecoboost  Blow Off Valve Adapter
"This high performance adapter mounts between the OEM bypass valve/solenoid and the stock turbo..
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Boomba Fusion/MKZ/Edge 2.0 Ecoboost Blow Off Valve
"This high performance VTA (vent to atmosphere) blow-off valve is precision machined out of air..
cp-e Ford Fusion 2.0 Turbo HotCharge™ Pipe
Setting out to replace the stock pipe, cp-e has not only managed to design an upgrade solution with ..
cp-e Ford Fusion 2.0 Turbo METHCharge™ Pipe
cp-e™ is excited to release the ultimate in cold side charge pipe upgrades for the Ford Fusion..
cp-e Ford Fusion 2.0T Front Mount Intercooler
Fits: 2013-16 Fusion/MKZ 2.0T This product is CONFIRMED to work with the Adaptive Cruise Control A..
cp-e Ford Fusion 2.0T Turbo Exhale™ Tial BOV/HKS Kit
This pipe has just been re-engineered to include a 1/8” NPT meth bung to add methanol injectio..
Steeda 13+ 1.6/2.0 EcoBoost Front Mount Intercooler
"Fusion enthusiasts rejoice! Steeda has released their new modular design intercooler for 1.6L ..
Turbosmart 1.5/2.7/3.0 Kompact EM BOV VR2
The award-winning Kompact EM series Blow-Off Valves, are the world’s first truly plug and ..
Turbosmart Fusion 1.6 EcoBoost Blow Off Valve
Turbosmart Dual Port Kompact Shortie for Ford’s EcoBoost Fiesta ST and Fusion Ford knows th..
Turbosmart Fusion/MKZ/Edge 2.0 EcoBoost Blow Off Valve
"A fixed 50/50 vented valve, the Turbosmart Shortie Kompact  Dual Port valves have been sp..
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